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Summary of Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers

Emergency Preparedness Grant Information

Emergency Preparedness Interpretive Guidelines for SNFs/Nursing Centers

Emergency Planning Checklist Specific for Long Term Care

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for all Providers

SD DOH PowerPoint - How I Stopped Worrying and Love CMS Emergency Preparedness

Effective Health Care Provider Emergency Planning

Federal Register Final Rule (Sept 16, 2016)

Emergency Preparedness Requires a Communication Plan (for SNFs and ALs)

Shelter in Place: A Planning Resource Guide for Nursing Centers

ICF/IID Emergency Preparedness CMS Final Rule Summary (CA format is universal)

SNF Emergency Preparedness CMS Final Rule Summary (CA format is universal)

Emergency Preparedness CMS Final Rule Summaries (CA format is universal)

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Mood Media:

Mood image.jpg 

Mood Media offers exclusive AHCA/NCAL Member pricing on music, messaging, and scent services that will enhance the resident experience in any assisted living or nursing center. Mood’s music solutions are 100 percent fully licensed for all Mood usage applications and are commercial free!

Mood offers Members significant discounts of up to 33 percent on a large suite of solutions with music services starting at less than a dollar a day. More information about Mood’s services and products can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions link as well as this exclusive AHCA/NCAL member- only pricing sheet link on the Mood website (password:moodpartner). 

There are three easy ways to reach out to Mood:

· By calling 800-345-5000 (Select Option 4)
· Go to (password: moodpartner), or
· Email:

Questions? Email at the SDHCA office. 

Use Mood’s fully licensed music services to: 

  1. Improve the dining experience and set the Mood in dining areas as residents gather for meals;
  2. Provide a variety of background music in common areas;
  3. Create a positive environment for activities; and
  4. Provide musical entertainment for social gatherings and happy hours. 

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•CMS Section GG – Part 1 

•CMS Section GG – Part 2 

•CMS Section GG – Part 3 

•CMS Section GG – Part 4


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